The Solar System

Terra is the fourth planet in the Ataia Galaxy, which is presided over by the white-star sun, Holy Akleo, also called ‘the Dragon of Dawn.’

Taio, the Stillborn Daughter, is the closest planet to Holy Akleo, and is inhospitable. Ebony surfaced with thick layers of ash, It has a massive, thin tower called “The Spire” that extends beyond the atmosphere and always points to Holy Akleo. There is a constant firestorm that rages ceaselessly across the landscape of Taio and is called the Eye of Perdition.

Basta, the second planet, has immensely heavy gravity, and supports a complex life system. It is known to be populated by city-sized grazing animals, and few rivers, and is very mountainous. Suggestions allude to tribes of alien-like races that use water for trade.

Galia, the third planet from the sun, is a lush jungle planet with immense rain forests and incredible amounts of shorelines. It harbors a single continent that teems with life, though it is curiously uninhabitable to humans.

Terra, the fourth planet from the sun, has three moons, commonly called The King, The Queen and The Jester. It is also surrounded by a celestial ring commonly called Celestial Bridge.

Simo Polia, is the 5th planet from the sun, and is a tidally locked planet, resulting in half of its mass being bathed in eternal darkness with only guesses at the horrifying monsters that lurk within the night on the far side of the sun.

Atelius, the 6th planet, is a methane giant with harsh winds, and has only ever been viewed with clouds blanketing the entirety of its mass, though some say that they have seen city-sized dark shapes beneath the clouds.

Genov , the 7th planet, is an icy dwarf planet. White areas of frost and snow blanket its surface, and ice volcanoes spout frigidity. It is circled by a small moon, and there is a possibly that life may exist beneath the icy crust.

Speculation exists of a mysterious 8th planet called Solas that exists on the far side of the galaxy, but little to nothing is known of it.

Finally, the planet Nirva passes through the Ataia solar system once every millenia or so, and what little documentation exists describes it as black as obsidian, laced with vibrant azure.

The Solar System

Terra Absynthyne