Terra, an overview


Terra is wild and beautiful. Cultured and mysterious. Ancient and magical. The memories we’ve made here will last a lifetime, and with each passing year, the world grows and develops, mutating from a small town with a renowned bar (The Copper Kettle), into a vast and expansive land of unimaginable adventures and thrilling tales.


This is the continent where the entire world was born, and as such became a player focal point for a lot of years! It seems like everyone gravitates to this hub at one time or another.
Fin’Nathey is divided into multiple kingdoms, but it wasn’t always that way. Millennia past, the kingdoms were united by Emperor Phoenix. During the Aeon War, 10,000 years past, Emperor Phoenix was murdered…no one knows who or why or how, as he was an immensely powerful individual. After his death, the kingdoms split, and some are openly hostile with one another, while some have strong alliances. These kingdoms are ruled by the Immortal Kings, each with his own agenda.

Kingdoms of Fin’Nathey


Ruled by Lord Gaiden from its’ capital, Requiem. Before and during the Aeon War, Gaiden was a knight in the Sons of Kane, the honor guard to Emperor Phoenix. Those who follow Lord Gaiden believe he upholds the ideals of Emperor Phoenix, and though he had no royal or noble claim, he accepted the burden of leadership because he was called upon to do so.
Requiem is also called The City of Spires, and is nestled on the Bay of the Eladrin. The world renowned Operahouse (one of several institutions ran by the world renowned Aiden Variel) is here, as well as the Cathedral of Unity, a massive temple dedicated to all of the gods and headed by the Red Priest of Fin’Nathey, Mantle.


Ruled by Emperor Vandole at the capital of Rovenus, Guardia is more militaristic than Israfel; and a bit darker, as reflected by its ruler, who is also known by the moniker The Dragon Slayer. Guardia and Israfel are constantly at odds with one another, though not quite in an open war. Vandole is a rigid ruler, and nobody mistakes him for kind, but his lands and his people are well guarded and well off. He is one of only two Immortal Kings to call himself “Emperor.”
Terra Trivia: The game’s first town ever was in Guardia: a tiny village called Grenoble.


Ruled by Lord Dimitri at the capital of Runefaust, Altena is an amazing kingdom of magic in northern Fin’Nathey. Even the commoners roaming the streets of Altena can be expected to have a grasp of the arcane. Runefaust is a glorious city that floats among the clouds, and is divided into four sections (Ru, Ne, Fa, and Ust), each corresponding with a natural element (Water, Air, Fire, Earth). In Altena you can expect to ride the famous Lightning Rail (a very speedy means of transportation), visit the mobile fortress city of Ashwynne, or even see the ancient Druidic Observatory at Freyb-Reach…if you can talk the renegade druids guarding the place to let you have a peek. You may even encouner a warforged here! Altena strives to remain neutral in Fin’Nathey politics, but is not friendly with Vanguard or Navarre.


Ruled by Sultan Flamekhan from the capital of Juris Est, Navarre is a desert nation settled in southern Fin’Nathey. It is fiercely guarded and known well for its militaristic genius and loosely united nomadic tribes who unify as an unbreakable wall when the kingdom is threatened. Navarre has never lost a battle on its home turf (though some would remember that Emperor Phoenix ‘conquered’ it, in actuality, Navarre was won to his side by a one-on-one conference with the desert nation’s ruler). The Bazaar here is famous for acquiring incredibly rare items, and it is often thought of as the center of commerce in Fin’Nathey. The famous and much coveted Sun Orchard Elixir is put up for bid here every few decades. Navarre is governed very much by “Desert Law,” and you can definitely expect to lose a hand for thievery or be executed for tomb robbing. The desert kingdom remains neutral in Fin’Nathey politics, but arcane magic is somewhat mistrusted here, making it an obvious place of avoidance for Altenans.


Ruled by Lord Naramis from the capital of Bismark, which is widely regarded as the most beautiful city in Fin’Nathey, and is sometimes referred to as “the White City.” The unique Festival of Roses is held here each year when thousands gather to watch the lovely blossoms fall from the trees. Lord Naramis is said to commune with a deity entirely different from the known pantheon, and while some regard his ability as fraudulent and/or crazy, the people of Sundenfall can testify that their leader is truly the epitome of benevolence and goodness. Paladins and heavenly beauty abound here. Sundenfall has open hostilities with Valice.


This nation is ruled by Lord Ralmaduke, slayer of the last of the Linorm Greatfathers, from the mighty capital of Forcena, but he doesn’t want you to call him “Lord.” This northern barbarian king rules from his throne overlooking a great mead hall with his equally fierce wife Deidre at his side. These barbarians and skalds trust in brute strength and forge lifelong bonds with their brothers in battle. Drinking and fighting are the obvious pastimes you can expect to find in this wild and beautiful kingdom. Vanguard has a strong alliance with Israfel.


Ruled by Mania from the capital Marelbarhn, there is a war currently going on in this jungle kingdom. The previous Immortal King, Dirk, a gnoll called the King of the Beasts, was killed in the throne room by the enigmatic and incredibly strong lizardman known only as Mania. Some kingdoms have chosen to back Mania’s right to rule, while others oppose it. This incited a war that drew much of Fin’Nathey in, and still rages. This wild nation of beasts is littered with ruins, mysteries, and secret denizens. Under the rule of Dirk, Dissidia had a ‘quiet alliance’ with Israfel.


Ruled by cruel Emperor Ark from the Gothic capital of Crucible, this place is as evil as they come, my friend! Slave markets, soul trade, devils roaming the dark streets; this entire kingdom basically stepped out of your nightmares and nestled itself right in the heart of Fin’Nathey. Ark is actually a direct descendant of Emperor Phoenix (his grandson), but his known brutality and wickedness has kept many from flocking to his side. He covets nothing more than his sister, Princess Sierra, who he plans to wed. While there is an open rebellion against Emperor Ark, it has been completely unsuccessful, and quiet in recent years. Valice is the home of the secretive Hell Knight sect, once strong and proud men warped by dark magic and tortuous means into vile, soulless warriors. This devil-worshipping kingdom has open hostilities with Sundenfall.


Junaris is the largest continent in the world, and is ruled by Emperor Marcus Alexander. The Junaris Empire is the land of dragons and dragon-riders. The mysterious goddess Zorya, who favors only those from Junaris, forges the bond between chosen individuals and their dragons at birth. These chosen become the elite of Junarian society, and are extraordinarily more powerful for it; riders share lifespans, thoughts, senses, and more with their dragons. The Dragon Highlords rule the states of Junaris in Marcus’ name: The Red (military), Blue (magic), Black (undeath), Green (beastmen), and White (religion) dragon flights are each represented. Isca is the nation’s capital, and its state, Ascalon, has no dragon representation. Junaris is a nation with aspirations to conquer the world, but it is all Emperor Marcus can currently do to keep the Dragon Highlords from fighting amongst themselves. Fin’Nathey is considered to be Junaris’ most hated enemy.

Saiya Zei

Saiya Zei is the eastern-most continent, and is ruled from Sazera Ku by Empress Pandora, who loves nothing more than her kingdom, and no one more than her people. To those she rules, she is beloved beyond measure. She is considered a goddess to her people, and it is widely believed among them that she created the drow race, who serve as her hand-maidens. She is looked upon with holy reverence, and she allows NO outside influences to enter Saiya Zei. Outsiders of any nation are not welcome here without explicit purpose and allowance. Soaring mountains, eastern beauty, music, art, festivals (including the legendary White Lotus Festival where combats from all over the world are welcome to test their martial might), sky dragons, and even the sprightly chocobos roam this land! There is a dark side to this nation, however: The Shadowlands are a twisted reflection of the natural and cultural beauty of Saiya Zei, and house all manner of monster, including oni lords. This extra-planar/extra-dimensional land actually exists on the material plane, overtaking much of the eastern continents landmass. Most who enter the Shadowlands do not return, and what caused or sustains it is completely unknown. The clans of Saiya Zei, ruled in Pandora’s name by daimyos, are Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Scorpion, Unicorn and Phoenix. Saiya Zei is at constant war with Acryphal.


Acryphal is ruled by Magnus Shyrr, the Iron Lich, and his council, the Morben-Kai. It is a land of undeath, slavery, soul trade, and general menacing horror. There are eastern influences obvious in the land and people here, enough to suggest oriental culture to a careful observer, though such beauty has long since been lost. This is a land of eternal twilight where the undead rule; vampires, liches, ghouls, skeletons, and necromancers have their iron will carried out by steam-powered soldiers and mechanika, a unique creation known only to Acryphal. This is a place where the common man must be brutally ambitious and not squeamish to achieve any greatness, and even still can expect to live in the shadows of the undead masters who rule. Still, the land is not without appeal. Those humble people who do live here are not all bad, but they have been subjugated their entire lives. Dark secrets and horrible truths linger around every turn. The undead of Acryphal are at constant war with Saiya Zei. Altena has recently been skirmishing on the borders of Acryphal for unknown gain.


Raklion is a large continent ruled, for the most part, by no one individual. Though the kingdom of the dwarves does reside here (Vromkuhl, ruled by Nordris Stoneshoud – the Mithril Hammer, from the capital of Stonehearth), the dwarves are notoriously uninterested in the rest of the world. Rich beyond measure and reclusive beyond even that, the dwarves simply shut their massive gates whenever their underground city comes under attack, and eventually the siege ends just as a wave breaks on the sand. As for the rest of Raklion, it is ‘ruled’ by the Mercenary Lords, who are as varied as the world itself! The common folk who live in these lands are treated quite well by the Lords, as the mercenaries understand the need for the commoners who grow their food, till their land, and provide the services they need to keep their armies functioning. Of course, as you may have suspected, the world turns to these Mercenary Lords whenever they’ve need of paid swords. The currently most well-known of these to players is Dominus Cross, who heads the mercenary band the Black Lotus, who is said to be the greatest swordsman in the world. You can also expect to find the Apsu Plains here, where tribal bands of halfings remain secluded and mysterious. The Aurelian Empire would love to wipe Raklion off the face of Terra.

Aurelian Empire

The Aurelian Empire is ruled from Tier Gavin by King Galvas. Considered the paramount-holy continent, where the Paragons, chosen of their own unique pantheon of gods known as the Seraphim, are the most beloved and respected. Xenophobic and proud of their culture, heritage, leaders, and religion, these folks would like to wipe out immortality completely; they are disgusted by those who ‘play at godliness,’ especially the Immortal Kings of Fin’Nathey. They themselves, even the Paragons, are not immortal, but some have been rather long-lived indeed. They hold a grudge against Raklion because Raklion is the site of the first aether-landing, where Emperor Sylvanius gathered his armies to march on the gods themselves. The Aurelian Empire is also home to Shri Nelanos, perhaps the greatest and most neutral trading port in the entire world, as well as home of to the world renowned sport coliseum, Aeolus.

No matter the continent, kingdom, city, town, or forest, Terra’s rich and mystical story is sure to take you on a thrilling and fantastic journey!

Terra, an overview

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