The Junaris Empire, aside from being the largest continent on Terra, is a land brimming with mystery, intrigue, and historical significance. Previously a land of warring factions, in 23 AR (23 years after the end of the Aeon War) Emperor Marcus Alexander and his three generals stormed the continent and forcibly united the Dragon Highlords and Highladies into a single, powerful empire. It was at this time that Marcus received the blessing and acceptance of the goddess Zorya, who favors only those who hail from the empire. The rest of Terra certainly has cause to tremble, for Junaris has the largest population and standing army many times over, as well as the powerful and enigmatic dragon riders. However, intrinsic hatred between the flights still exists, and continually hampers Emperor Marcus’ vision of a completed solidified Junaris.

Emperor Marcus, called “The Divine Dragon” by his people, rules from the capital of Isca within the province of Ascalon. The capital itself was founded upon ancient ruins of the capital of the dragon empire from the Age of Strife. Said to have been filled with dracoliches, wards and monsters of immeasurable power, Marcus and his generals meticulously cleared much of the catacombs and settled Isca atop it. However, the ruins beneath Isca have not been entirely explored, and the government sponsors adventurers from time in time in aiding with dangerous excavations. Nowadays, Isca is home to a great number of museums, art galleries and musical theaters. Those living here come from all of the flights, though they consider themselves a generation of “Pure Iscans,” those who hold their loyalty to the Emperor above loyalties to their dragonflights.

Ascalon as a whole is considered a breathtaking place to behold; a land of unparalleled political achievement where poverty, sickness, and homelessness are practically a memory of times long past. Much of the ancient dragon hoards excavated from beneath Isca went towards educating its citizens, progressing medicinal facilities, and training youths and conscripts in the art of war.

Junaris does not harbor alliances with any nation, but the citizens of the empire hold those from Fin’Nathey in the absolute lowest of regard. Scholars may speculate the myriad of intricacies on why this may be, but the world generally tends to agree that the disdain arises from two main reasons:

• Firstly, Fin’Nathey is home to two of the greatest dragonslayers in history: Emperor Vandole of Guardia and Lord Ralmaduke of Vanguard. This has, in both cases, leaked into the belief and culture of the kingdoms.
• Secondly, Junarians view Fin’Nathey as fractured and weak because the Immortal Kings are vastly different and (in some cases) outright refuse to even attempt uniting Fin’Nathey under one banner.

Yet the rivalry between Junaris and its’ most hated enemy grows even hotter due to the similarities shared between them. The magical blue dragonflight sees its’ own likeness reflected by Altena, and the white dragonflights’ devout Highlady Vitalia holds the goddess Zorya’s ear, while Lord Naramis in Sundenfall speaks with his own enigmatic deity. Each continent was fractured, then united by a great conqueror (Emperor Phoenix, in Fin’Nathey’s case).


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