Ab's Lists, Thoughts, and Speculations

Most of you who know me are aware of the existence of my “Great Big Book of Everything.” This Tome of Terra is home to all of the knowledge that I uncover in my travels, as well as loads of questions, ideas and speculations that I dream up along the way.

Please note: My speculations are just that! Oftentimes they are based on nothing more than a feeling, and sometimes I stubbornly cling to them even if I am told up front they are not true.

The first bit of work I’d like to present is my Index of Important Beings. Speculations are noted as such.

Index of Important Beings

Anima, Malshier, Rovenus, Crissaegrim
Speculation: Libra

Amon, Atlas, Aman’thul, Lord Chronos, Tichenderious,
Association: Kae’laveera, Last Guardian of the Titans

Gaiia, Slayzer, Polaris, Lorosfyr (3.5), Virgil, Ghost
Speculation: the Astromancer, Lord Gaiden, Emperor Phoenix, , Alias

Elder Illuvinadia/Ancients
Twilight, Gared Crisis (transformed)
Speculation: Grandmaster Arokugan

Sparda, Anafay Un’glum

Terrick Bellimar, Captain Blind, Zagan Cross

Zodiacs (all incarnations – may be irrelevant)
Shade Everdark, Ayamena Demyse, Aeri Bellimar, Dante, Pagan, Danarth

Giant Archmages
Yura (Artifice), Tsuna (Waves), Semyaza (Ruin), Kolyr (?)

Arclords of Nexus
Duragast Zym (Cosmos), Thalassus (Ocean)
Others include Arclords of Time, Creation, and Oblivion, but no names have been associated at this time. There are 12 Arclords of Nexus.

The 20 Fiends
Valric, Odd-eye, Gaze, Dodori, The Jailor, Tharaxis the Warder, Yasherak, Pelvatine,

Ab's Lists, Thoughts, and Speculations

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