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    h4. Blue Dragonflight Province of Orsova, Capital of Aesernia, “City of Crystals.” Ruled by Highlord Cassius. Blue Dragon God Nicodemus, also referred to as: The Spellbinder, The Sacred Theurge, and The Cerulean Rune


    h4. Black Dragonflight Province of Batavius, Capital of Madauros, “The City of Invisible Shadows.” Ruled by Highlady Megeara. Black Dragon God Zacchaeus, also referred to as The Bleakheart, The Sacred Reaper, and The Lord Occult.


    h4. White Dragonflight Provice of Chalcedon, Capital of Gratiana. Ruled by Highlady Vitalia. White Dragon God Heliodorus, also known as: The Arctic Cross, The Sacred Star, and The Virtuous Winter

    White Dragon …