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  • Aeon War

    h4. The Greatest War, The Greatest Soldiers Just what is Aether? What happened during the Aeon War? Who fought against whom, and why? Perhaps the most important event in recorded history is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, but here are some basic …

  • Quarter Knights

    h4. The Quarter Knights Nobody is entirely certain the function of this group of four individuals, though known members include: [[Juza]], [[Jedah]], [[Sylvanius | Sylvanias Illefarn]], and [[Soothsayer]].

  • Malficious Ardros

    h4. Malficious Ardros bq). "The ability to discern good and evil are false concepts of alignment; meaningless labels whose sole purpose is to justify ones actions. It is the ability to truly free one's soul from this dogma, and to open their eyes to …