Yashimoto Shizume

Lord Reagent of Saiya Zei, General of The Dark Empress' Armies


Race: Oni
Bio: Yashimoto Shizume is the husband of the Angel of the Dark – Empress Pandora of Saiya Zei. Beloved by his people, soldiers and family, Yashimoto embodies all of the ideals one may conjure of a noble samurai.
Given the nature of his race, however, it is not a stretch to realize that it was not always so! Yashimoto is the younger brother of the feared Gilgamesh, the oni ruler who enslaved the human population of Saiya Zei for thousands of years. During this time, Yashimoto was considered a landbound god; an agent of absolute destruction that worked in his brothers name. It was only when Yashimoto met the manifested goddess Pandora that he was changed. At Pandora’s side, he became her staunchest ally and supporter.
Following the strict code of bushido, the iaijutsu master is renowned for having the quickest and deadliest first strike in combat – often with such lethality that battles never progress beyond it.


Affiliation: Saiya Zei
Home: Sazera Ku
Family: Pandora Shizume (wife), Nyotei Shizume (daughter), Bogden Shino Shizume (grandson)
Friends: Grandmaster Hoshi
Occupation: Reagent Lord/General
Abilities: Expert swordsman, Master of Iaijutsu
Rival(s): Lord Rapture (Acryphal)

Yashimoto Shizume

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