Nephis Stryder

Member of Navarre Military


Nephis Stryder is an outspoken and fierce member of the Navarre military whose past is shrouded in mystery. She is a master of restorative magic, and biting insults.

She is often in the company of Biggs Redeemer and Vicks Avalanche, fellow members of the desert nation’s military force and longtime friends.

While she is a difficult woman to win over, she is also very loyal, and despite risk to herself, she has also been known to rescue her friend Absynthyne (whom she refers to as ‘ya-toi’) when the situation calls for it.


Affiliation: Navarre
Home: Jura’cest, Navarre
Family: None
Friends: Biggs Redeemer, Vicks Avalanche, Absynthyne Clandestina, Sequestus Ardros, Rune Tyotse
Occupation: Military
Abilities: Restorative, Utility Magics

Nephis Stryder

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