Arashi Minoko

Wanderer, Swordsman, and Drunk


Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Medium length and somewhat disheveled, platinum-white in colour
Eyes: Blue, though the hue swirls and changes with his mood (darkening when upset/angry, brighter when happy/cheerful)
Build: Lean and agile, lightly muscled
Equipment: Was out of date, currently being updated


Arashi is generally kind and protective of those weaker than him and especially so with family and those he considers friends and allies. He has a great deal of drive and passion to become the best swordsman, which tends to make him a little competitive and overeager with those he considers a challenge. Recent events have tempered this to a degree, after having faced foes with many-times his skill and finding out more and more of his grandfather’s philosophy and teachings.

Due to his upbringing he is generally quite respectful those that are his elders and the ones that are beyond his level of skill. He especially loves playing up the ‘dashing swordsman’ that he tries to be now and then, throwing clever lines and taunts at foes in combat…unless he is truly challenged at which point he tends to fall silent while concentrating.

His family life has given him a taste for sake which he tends to drink in celebration after a truly challenging victory…or use to douse his disappointment after a bitter defeat. Or really whenever he has the chance and feels like it which is pretty much all the time. He also tends to have a curiosity streak toward rare items/artifacts and seeing all the world has to offer.

Arashi keeps a journal , a collection of his thoughts and experiences, though recently he has been too busy to keep it updated to his liking.


Affiliation: Saiya Zei
Home: None
Aliases: Zereno
Family: Aiko Minoko (sister), Isaku Minoko (grandfather)
Love Interest: Kiyoko
Friends: Keisuke Tamamura, Baoji Azko, Zhen Bohai
Occupation: Wanderer, Adventurer, Part-time Actor, Full-time Drunk
Abilities: Blade kata, Enchanted sake, Carrying way too many katana
Goals: Recover grandfather’s stolen katana, Follow in his steps as a Blade Mystic

Arashi Minoko

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