Absynthyne Clandestina (Nyotei Shizume)

Exiled Elan Princess of Saiya Zei


Given name: Nyotei Shizume.
Alias: Absynthyne Clandestina.
Race: Elan (half-oni).
Background: Princess of Saiya Zei, daughter of Pandora and Yashimoto.

Absynthyne Clandestina is an eccentric and whimsy-loving free spirit whose ambition seems to be traveling the world and uncovering its secrets. She seems to have no particular qualms playing to the morals of her companions, and is a fond collector of pets and friends that she insists on adding to her ever growing “family.”

Pets: Chi-Kwa (familiar), Takoyaki, Bib, Bub, Boo, Chaz, Luca & Marle


Affiliation: None
Home: Requiem, Israfel & airship “Epoch”
Family: Rune Tyotse (fiance), Bogden Shino Tyotse (son), Stompah (son), Pandora (mother), Yashimoto (father)
Friends: Sequestus Ardros, Nephis Stryder, Vicks Avalanche, Biggs Redeemer, Calico, Leaf, Alexandra Barret, Chase Masters, Kiyoko, Xavier Coil
Occupation: Adventurer, aspiring archaeologist
Abilities: Blending arcane, divine and swordplay

Absynthyne Clandestina (Nyotei Shizume)

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