White Dragonflight

Provice of Chalcedon, Capital of Gratiana. Ruled by Highlady Vitalia.

White Dragon God Heliodorus, also known as: The Arctic Cross, The Sacred Star, and The Virtuous Winter

White Dragon Highlady Vitalia


White Dragon God Heliodorus


Cities within Chalcedon are located within the frigid, frozen wilderness of northern Junaris. Gratiana itself was built within the carved ice of a great glacier, within which various dragons are said to be slumbering. These dragons will wake when the Goddess speaks to them. The cities here are shrouded in silent, crystalline beauty, and though the province is located far into the merciless north, the snows remain tranquil in the proximity of the capital. Citizens of the white flight are extraordinarily devout and dedicated to Zorya, and the kingdom produces a staggering amount of divine casters to Junaris’ cause. The harsh climate has lent a a strength to the people of the white dragonflight unseen in any other flight.

Of all of the flight rulers, Vitalia is least opposed to Marcus’ rule. The Highlady is utterly devoted to Zorya, and often councils her emperor on whether the kingdoms actions draw the Goddess’ favor or ire. Vitalia rules from the highest spire on the tallest mountain in all of Junaris, and it is suggested that one with impeccable eyesight can see the entirety of the continent sprawled out before them from this apex.

Chalcedonians routinely find themselves unearthing great secrets that were buried far beneath the ice, as the land itself was mysterious even to the ancient dragon empire. Some of the found artifacts have uses unknown to even Vitalia and the dragon god.


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