The Seraphim

Praenomen, Our Lord in Light
Lawful Good
(Light, Resolution, Law, Order, Inflexibility, the Sun, and the Moons)
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Inquisition, Law, Sun
Chosen – Eros, of the Blinding Light

Lucanus, The Whispered Word
(Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Balance, Foresight)
Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Mind, Oracle, Trickery
Chosen – Serafina

Damaris, Our Lord Justice
Lawful Good
(Wisdom, Seal, Honesty, Truth, Discipline)
Domains: Destruction, Good, Law, Protection, Strength
Chosen – Adonis

Septima, The Valiant Truth
Lawful Good
(Chivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring, Valor)
Domains: Glory, Good, Inquisition, Law, War
Chosen – Narkissa

Artemis, The Unbound Blade
Chaotic Good
(Individuality, Liberty, Retribution, Self-Defense)
Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Summoner
Chosen – Medeia

Drusa, The Lady Our Fate
Chaotic Neutral
(Fate, Destiny, Divination, the Future, Honesty)
Domains: Chaos, Knowledge, Law, Luck, Oracle
Chosen – Pythea

Aegeus, The Hymn of Battle
Chaotic Neutral
(Athletics, Sports, Storms, Brawling, Strength, Courage)
Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength
Chosen – Castor

Xenophane, The Rift Walker
Lawful Neutral
(Astronomy, Stars, Space, Wanderers)
Domains: Destiny, Knowledge, Night, Oracle, Protection, Travel
Chosen – Deo


Terra Absynthyne