Red Dragonflight

Province of Comagena, Capital of Vardengrad. Ruled by Highlord Thanatos.

Red Dragon God Ignatius, also referred to as: The Devouring Flame, The Sacred Flare, and The Raging Inferno

Thanatos, Dragon Highlord of the Red Flight


Ignacious, Red Dragon God


The red dragonflight can lay claim to being the oldest flight in Junaris and likewise, Highlord Thanatos is known to be the oldest of the current Highlords. The red flight has the largest population, landmass and standing army in Junaris, and even has more dragons than the other flights! Comagena’s people are cultured and perfectly refined. Cities here are unmarred whitewashed stone, have verdant and manicured gardens, and decorative trees lining stone roads. The cultivated atmosphere makes it clear that, in the red flight, appearance is everything. Those who live under Highlord Thanatos’ domain are very much ruled by a caste system, but the rank and prestige of these castes can be determined by birth, by inclusion of a family member as a dragon rider or even military achievements. Honor, strength of sword or magic, and devotion to Zorya are the main concepts in which flight members pride themselves. In the Junarian military, the red flight is well known for producing the most frequent and powerful blackguards in the army.

Of all of the dragon flights in existence, the province of Comagena retains much of its original architecture from before the Age of Strife (when the giants fought the dragons). Many of its buildings that once housed the Great Dragon Archmages and their most trusted servants still exist.
The red flight clashes with the blue flight, but is outright hated by the green flight.

The Red Flight capital city is guarded by a colossal artifact golem, dormant and standing a silent vigil behind the castle. Its name is Heliosis, the Father of Fire and the Holy Flame of Zorya. When the city is in danger it will activate and answer the command of the Red Dragon Highlord. It remained silent when Dragon Highlord Remus sought to use its might against the conquest of Marcus Alexander, thus leading to the belief that Marcus was chosen by Zorya to unite the kingdom.

Heliosis, the Father of Fire and the Holy Flame of Zorya



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