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Continents & Kingdoms
Blue Dragonflight
Black Dragonflight
Green Dragonflight
White Dragonflight
Red Dragonflight

The Universe and Beyond
The Solar System

Gods, Heroes & Legends
Mantle, the Red Priest
goddess Zorya

Factions & Organizations
Quarter Knights
The Godhand
The Dark Choir
The Ebony Blade

Absynthyne Clandestina (Nyotei Shizume)
Arashi Minoko
Sequestus Ardros
Orion Tyruse
Aiko Minoko
Darius Estan

NPC Guide
Decimus Estan
Nephis Stryder
Lady Chin Su
Sheex, Fanha & Geshtar

Historical Events
Learn more about the Aeon War!

Quizzes and Media, Miscellaneous

Test your Terra Knowledge, download backgrounds, read short stories, or check out awesome player creations!

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