Kingdom: Israfel
Capital: Requiem
Immoral King: Lord Gaiden

So much of Terra’s history seems to have taken place within the walls of Requiem (formerly known as Watermoon).

Epic battles, troves of lore, treasures and ancient artifacts protected by some of the greatest heroes Terra has ever seen.

But how much do you really know about this wondrous place? How many hours and Hours and HOURS have you spent there, only to wonder…what is Reqiuem, really?
Let’s take a closer look!

The City of Spires is a gothic-inspired metropolis of 2 million people, and is the heart of the nation known as Israfel. It is led by Lord Gaiden, a prestigious man who at one time served Emperor Phoenix himself. Requiem is coastal, and located on the Bay of the Elladrin.

The city is split into several districts, and many former players will recognize the Temple District as one of the most prominent, for it is here that The Cathedral of Unity, a soaring structure dedicated to the worship of all gods, resides. Taking residence within is Mantle, the Red Priest, who it is said holds the ear of each and every one of the deific beings the cathedral pays homage to.

If you were ever so privileged, you may have taken a stroll towards the floating castle, and before reaching the steps, been privy to the sight of a particularly impressive tower shrouded in mystery to most of the inhabitants of the city: that of the Archmage of Fin’Nathey, Darimoth, who is said to have been chosen by the very land itself.

Within the Nobles District, you might find yourself outside of the most prestigious and costly inn within the city limits: The Sleepless Nights Inn. Many adventures have paid the 20,000g cover just to step inside this fantastical inn. What’s in there, you ask? It’s not up to me to divulge the secrets of this place…pay the entrance fee and find out!

What is there to do in this beloved hub? Reqiuem is a city recognized for its culinary perfection; no matter what your taste buds wish, you can soothe your fearsome appetite here! Shopping opportunities abound throughout the Trade District, from adventuring gear for first timers, to inspired magical emporiums befitting seasoned heroes like yourselves! Requiem is famous for its’ culture, most notably it’s plethora of Operahouses…several of which are owned by Terra’s Most Eligible Bachelor, Aiden Variel himself!

Of course, every rose has its thorns, and Israfel is not exempt. Somewhere within the city there is said to be an entrance to the fabled Black Market, an interplanar hub where every cut-throat and bandit can freely ply his trade…and perhaps some well-meaning heroes might find their way into the dangerous streets of the Black Market as well.

The Israfel guard tirelessly works to keep the many crime syndicates that operate beneath the Docks in check. If one were so unlucky to stumble upon the expansive Latticeworks, one can only hope his luck doesn’t set him in the path of the crime boss Schwick the Knife, an orange-skinned goblin with a penchant for making money in ways outside the law! (I’ve never heard of an orange skinned goblin, have you?)

Of course, in this city there is rumored to be a sect of the Velkyn Sol, a dark guild many consider to be Terra’s Worst Kept Secret, and the leader of this group makes no efforts to hide – in fact, he is considered one of Terra’s richest men and publicly appears in Requiem often. Could Decimus Estan possibly even have a home within the borders of the City of Spires?

Inter-city Factions and Military

The nation’s military is headed by General Kryphon Warwick and General Sabina Warwick, an incredible team (and husband/wife duo) that works tirelessly to keep the city running smoothly. However, multiple factions act as the well-oiled cogs in the great machine that is the might of the kingdom of Israfel.

The Godhand

The Dark Choir

The Ebony Blade

The Crimson Citadel


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