Green Dragonflight

Province of Komlaud, Capital of Cantabrigia. Ruled by Highlord Barbados.

Green Dragon God Actaeon, also referred to as: The Emerald Weald, The Sacred Basilisk, and The Verdant Fury

Green Dragon Highlord Barbatos


Green Dragon God Actaeon


Komlaud is a land of beastmen, shapeshifters and lycans. In recently transpired events, The Tharn, draconic shifters previously found only in the Thornwood of Acryphal, have gravitated to the green flight and settled here. Cantabrigia exists on jagged hilltops that stab out of the landscape like blades, and is surrounded by impossibly thick forest. The capital itself is gothic in structure, and mystically, one of Terra’s three moons always seems to hover directly above a large tower that rises from the center of the city.

Lycan heritage is celebrated here, not a cause for fear or mistrust as in many other locations throughout the world. Komlaudians are renowned for providing the spearhead of armies, as their soldiers are considered supernaturally durable and fiercely savage. Highlord Barbados appears elven blooded (which is unique in that the other highlords all seem quite human), and is himself very tribal and primal. He also encourages this behavior in others!

The green flight is known to enslave and capture great bands of monsters to use as a brute force in their army, and the elite of Cantabrigia actually convene and consult with creatures of deepest legend, oft so obscure as thought to be pure mythos in other parts of the world.

While there is dislike between the clashing prides of the blue and red flight, there is outright hostility between green & red.


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