One of the greatest mysteries of the Junarian empire lays with the enigmatic and incredibly powerful generals aligned with Emperor Marcus. Appearing suddenly after the Aeon War, Geshtar, Sheex, and Fanha are respected and feared throughout Junaris and the world.

Also referred to by the moniker “the Pale Orchid,” Geshtar is widely known throughout the empire as a renowned poet, scholar, and as an advocate of music and the arts. It is said that his opponents consider death by his legendary sword skills to be a mercy, as his wit is by far the deadlier of his weapons. When Geshtar leaves the empire’s capital of Isca, he usually does so to settle matters of political disputes and diplomacy between the dragonflights, where wit, elegance, and cunning are his armaments of choice.

While Geshtar is a paragon of finesse and culture, General Sheex is the pinnacle of bodily might. First into battle and fierce beyond measure, “the Cerulean” is known not just for his merciless strength, but also his pride and temper. When inter-flight disputes are far beyond diplomacy, Sheex may be deployed to bring his brand of “peace” to a hostile situation. Known commonly as “the Emperor’s Gauntlet,” General Sheex’s might and ferocity warrants a special pride from the green dragonflight.

General Fanha, “The Sanguine Star,” is a master of all magics. Fanha deigns to leave his home in Isca by far the least of the three generals, preferring to stay nearby in the case that Emperor Marcus may have need of this esteemed magi. The blue dragonflight views Fanha’s position with extreme pride, as he is well-known as perhaps the greatest resource of magical study and expertise in the land. It is commonly viewed with disdain that Darimoth, the Archmage of Fin’Nathey, ever be compared to Fanha, for Junarians might liken that title to being the smartest pig on a farm: even the brightest of them is still just a swine in the mud.


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