Blue Dragonflight

Province of Orsova, Capital of Aesernia, “City of Crystals.” Ruled by Highlord Cassius.

Blue Dragon God Nicodemus, also referred to as: The Spellbinder, The Sacred Theurge, and The Cerulean Rune

Blue Dragon Highlord Cassius


Blue Dragon God Nicodemus


The blue dragonflight is prominently regarded for its’ high magical renown. Here, some of the most practiced and powerful wizards in the world are augmented by the ancient magic and knowledge of the dragon kingdom. Even Aesernia itself is an artifact from the dragon empire age; a multi-tiered city set atop a massive crystal-spire, floating over the landscape and spreading verdant grasslands around and beneath it. The City of Crystals is patrolled by soldiers astride blue dragonkin, as well as the prominent amount of golems the province is known for producing. The citizens of the blue dragonflight are often dragonkin on some level of heritage.

Perhaps most unique about the blue flight is their ability to create and control an entirely unique type of vehicle: Magitech Armor.


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