Black Dragonflight

Province of Batavius, Capital of Madauros, “The City of Invisible Shadows.” Ruled by Highlady Megeara.

Black Dragon God Zacchaeus, also referred to as The Bleakheart, The Sacred Reaper, and The Lord Occult.

Black Dragon Highlady Megeara


Black Dragon God Zacchaeus


The black dragonflight possesses powerful mastery of necromancy and poison use, and in the military are mostly known as bands of powerful assassins. In wars, they specialize in surgical strikes that are known to devastate enemies. Madauros earns the nickname, “The City of Invisible Shadows” because of the tendency of dragons here to take human form in an attempt to disguise their true nature. The capital city is a marvel of engineering; a giant, clockwork city that can be rotated, sunken or raised by individual sector. This of course can at times cause even the most long-lived citizen to question the way home!

The “cities” in Batavius aren’t well mapped, and are less cities than enclaves of the ancient dragon time. The land is shrouded in a perpetual dimness; the swamps being permeated by the corrupting aura of the dragon god Zacchaeus, which affects the citizens of the flight as well as natural life. Because of this mutation, black flight members often bear striking similarities to the physical appearance of dragons.

Renowned for having lots of seers and oracles, and specializing in voodoo-like magic and bone rituals, the tribal-elite of Batavius are often consulted by Marcus and his generals. Batavian chemists are renowned for mixing the poisons and permeations of the swamp with dragon blood to spawn sometimes-horrifying mutant monsters that are valuable shock members of the military. Mechanika is surprisingly found here, as Batavius is the only other location in Terra aside from Acryphal who have managed to master its creation and use. The black dragon flight has a severe rivalry with the white flight.


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