Aeon War

The Greatest War, The Greatest Soldiers

Just what is Aether? What happened during the Aeon War? Who fought against whom, and why? Perhaps the most important event in recorded history is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, but here are some basic facts to get you through the cold, dark night!

Rarely discovered on the face of Terra, Aether is the name of ancient technological artifacts. The history and most locations of Aether is unknown, and many who live believe that it was the wrongful use of Aether that eventually attracted the god-beast Technos to the Aeon Wars.

A three-way war fought between the factions of:
Sylvanius, one of the Quarter Knights, his forces bolstered by superweapons of aether and magic, and the seemingly endless supply of cybernetic soldiers churned out from his ever-burning forges.
• The mortal forces of Fin’Nathey, championed by a divine host of celestial emissaries and demigods,
• and the god-beast Technos, so devastatingly powerful as to be considered a force in and of itself.

A large ‘tower’ falls from the sky, crashing into the center of the kingdom of Raklion. Expeditions are mounted and many perish within the depths of this strange and alien architecture, but at last, Sylvanias himself emerges with what is widely recognized as the first recorded instance of “Aether.” He quickly uses this new technology to topple the Skarn dynasty, then ruling Raklion, to insert himself as the new emperor of the once-enigmatic nation.

Outfitting his armies with this new technology, he amasses his forces and brings Kirmo Galanodel and Melkhior together to create The Floating Citadel, a massive fortress that serves as a pinnacle of aether, and a devastating war machine.

The gods attempt to intervene by sending aid to the mortal armies, led by Emperor Phoenix, leader of the united Fin’Nathey armies, but it is barely enough to keep the scales balanced.
An otherworldly creature that the mortals refer to as Technos is drawn from the darkness between the stars to the fighting and begins devastating both sides with attacks never before seen. Monsters fall from its skin, and where its breath lands, the very earth is enveloped in twisted energies that warp and destroy everything in its path.

The Earthmen arrive, led by the human Terrick Belli’mar, and though nobody knows where they’ve come from, the formidable army of Ark Knights pledge to take the front and center of Phoenix’s mortal forces, becoming the keystone of their efforts and the driving spear that gives the mortals the time and edge they need to develop a plan…but before the plan could be executed, tragedy strikes! Emperor Phoenix is cut down in an assassination attempt that sends shockwaves throughout the rallied forces of Terra.

Just as things seem bleakest, a small team of heroes led by Decimus Estan and Malficious Ardros infiltrate the Floating Citadel, and, somehow manipulating its’ core, open a massive rift that sucks the Floating Citadel and all of its armies, Sylvanius, and Technos inside. The rift seals, locking the prisoners inside and subjecting them to an unknown fate.

History is written by the survivors. This is the history we know, as descendants of this great world-shaping war. For every answer we get, more questions arise. Will you be the one to uncover the secrets of the Aeon War? Or will its mysteries and intricacies be lost to the passage of time…

Aeon War

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