Sequestus Ardros

Tiefling Cleric of Iomedae


Sequestus Ardros is the tiefling son of the Ardros family, born and raised on the elemental Plane of Air. After several years of travel in his youth, he found a home in Requiem, Israfel, where he enlisted in the town guard and climbed his way through the ranks until he achieved status as one of the spellcasters of the elite unit known as the Heavenly Whisper.
He is a devout follower of the goddess Iomede, and prizes loyalty to his close friends and family over all things. He is never seen without Lady Chin Su, his great noble feline companion who has been with him since childhood.


Affiliation: Israfel
Home: Requiem, Israfel
Family: Malficious Ardros (father), Morganna Ardros (mother), Zefti (fiance)
Friends: Absynthyne Clandestina, Rune Tyotse, Roxxi Deflame,
Occupation: Cleric of the Dark Chorus, sub-sect of the Heavenly Whisper (military)
Abilities: Divine Spellcaster

Sequestus Ardros

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