Decimus Estan

Wealthy Merchant, Head of the Velkyn Sol


Race: Ashmodai/Dark Angel

Decimus Estan is a well known socialite who heads the Velkyn Sol, an assassin’s guild jokingly referred to as “Fin’Nathey’s worst kept secret.”
Wealthy both with common riches and notoriety, there are few places that are beyond the reach of this cultured man.
Decimus is a well known hero of the Aeon War, in which he and his old friend Malficious Ardros were credited with bringing about the demise of the Floating Citadel, and therefore, the end of the war. Though Decimus would come under moral suspicion from many inhabitants of Terra in the post-war years, as he very clearly used his influence and fame to call in favors and build up his mercantile business.


Affiliation: Self
Home: Multiple homes across multiple continents and kingdoms
Family: Eve Estan (daughter)
Friends: Malficious Ardros, Morganna Ardros
Occupation: Merchant
Abilities: Blending arcane, divine and swordplay

Decimus Estan

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