Darius Estan

Dark Angel Wizard


Race: Dark Angel, Half Dragon
Titles: Rules of Sacred Lumas, previous Guardian of the Tree of Life

Darius Estan is a beacon of goodness and hope for all men. A mighty wizard who specializes in toppling foes that seemingly far outmatch him, Darius Estan has always found the strength to step up to the challenge when Terra had need of him. A crowned Immortal King, and the chosen of Ilmater, Darius Estan founded the kingdom Sacred Lumas to spread his goodly morals and provide safety and security to all those who need it.
With his mischievous pseudodragon, Poof, and his right hand elven archmage Barrick by his side, Darius Estan left a footprint on Terra that has lingered for generations.

*This character is no longer active /information may not translate to current game


Affiliation: Sacred Lumas
Home: Mooncrest, Sacred Lumas
Family: Decimus Estan (father), Miru (mother), Eve (sister), Sierra (Queen), Alexandria (daughter)
Friends: Slayzer, Absynthyne Clandestina
Occupation: Ruler
Abilities: Mighty arcanist

Darius Estan

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