Aiko Minoko

Traveling Saiya Zeian mystic


Aiko Minoko is one of two surviving family members of the famed Saiya Zeian wanderer (and at times, philosopher), Isaku Minoko.
Her sole remaining family member is her older brother, swordsman Arashi Minoko.
She is often seen in the traveling company of her brother, as well as the Fin’Natheyan Keisuke Tamamura, and two very wild and magical spirit foxes by the names of Ikiriyu and Jibakuri.
She deeply loves the kingdom of her birth above all else, and follows the long-past faith of Tian Zhe, The World Element.

  • A recognizable competitor in the Black Market Arena, who was sponsored by Adrian Malhavoc.
  • Prophesied in her youth as “the one who was born beneath the mountain and destined to kiss the sky.”
  • With her companions, saved Princess Nyotei Shizume during a sinkhole collapse in Hetona of the Dragon Province.

Affiliation: Saiya Zei
Home: None
Family: Arashi Minoko (brother), Isaku Minoko (grandfather)
Friends: Kiesuke Tamamura, Rune Tyotse, Baoji Azko, Zhen Bohai, Rhinys Shaeora
Occupation: Priestess
Abilities: Divine, martial, very scary fox spirit

Aiko Minoko

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